Server enclosures buying guide

If you wish to buy a server rack,please consider the factors are as follows:
the frame, height and width,space in which it will be placed,ventilation system,easy to operate,safety measures.
Rack Units
U is the unit of measurement to describe the dimensions of the equipment. Each rack unit is 44.45 mm high.
Choosing the right height:
The height of the server rack is measured by U size.
Each rack unit is 44.45 mm high eg a 24 port patch panel = 1U
When you are buying equipment to put in the server rack, you need to pay attention to the U height.
Height generally from 4U~47U, according to the number of cabinet equipment and uniform style may be, is usually highly specific vendors can be customized.
Choosing the right width:
Cabinet racks usually come in widths of 600mm and 800mm.
If you are including patching then the wider 800mm server is recommended.
Choosing the right depth:
It is important to ensure that cabinet racks provide sufficient depth, to provide sufficient working space.
provide racks with 3 depths; 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm.
Ventilation of server enclsoures


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