GTS-6415 15U Wall hanging network cabinet



The racks are used to store computer and related control equipment, can provide the protection of storage equipment, electromagnetic interference shielding, arranging equipments orderly and neatly and maintaining equipments conveniently .
Cabinets generally divided into standing server rack network cabinet,wall mounted racks, console cabinets etc.Cabinet commonly used in network wiring closets, floor layout, center machine room, data room, control center, control room, the monitoring center etc.

Server Cabinet Feature:
1.Comply with ANSI/EIARS-310-D, DIN41491;PART1,IEC297-2,DIN41494; PART7,GB/T3047.2-92 Standard; Compatible with 19” International Standard, Metric System and EISI Standard.
2. Reliable structure with solid welded frame, maximum static loading capacity:500KG(optional castors and plinth).
3.Popular smoky grey color tempered glass front door, high density vented arc hole front & rear door, excellent and elegant exterior design; The turning angle of front door is above 90 degree, easily assembled,operated and maintained.
4.Optional cable entry with dust-proof on top cover and bottom panel,removable front& rear door and side panel facility,top fan and air intake around cabinet help exhaust hot-air
5. Surface finish: degreasing, pickling, rust phosphoric, static electricity plastic power coated.
6. All material are high-quality SPCC cold rolled steel; Thickness :square
hole strips( mounting profile) 2.0mm, fixed shelf 1.5mm, others:1.2mm
7. Body Color: grey ( Ral7044),black(Ral9004) and other colors available
8. Degree of protection:IP23
9.Varies optional accessories, reliable quality.
10.Optional opening hole and varies specification upon customers special requirements. OEM service.

Main Component:

No. Component Name Quantity Unit Material Specification Surface Finish Note
1 Top Cover 1 pc SPCC cold rolled steel T1.2 Powder Coated
2 Bottom Panel 1 pc SPCC cold rolled steel T1.2 Powder Coated
3 Frame 1 pc SPCC cold rolled steel T1.2 Powder Coated
4 Mounting profile 4 pc SPCC cold rolled steel T1.5 Powder Coated
5 Side Panel 2 pc SPCC cold rolled steel T1.2 Powder Coated Removable steel door
6 Front Door 1 pc Tempered glass 5mm Powder Coated
7 lock 2 pc Galvanization Powder Coated
8 M6 B-head screw and M6 square nut 1 bag Steel Color Zinc Coated
9 Allen Wrench 1 pc Steel Black —-
10 Cable entry plate pc SPCC cold rolled steel T1.2 Powder Coated


Server Cabinet Specification:

Model No. Capacity Dimension(W*D*H)(mm)
GTS-6418 18U 600 × 450 × 1000
GTS-6415 15U 600 × 450 × 780
GTS-6412 12U 600 × 450 × 650
GTS-6409 9U 600 × 450 × 520
GTS-6406 6U 600 × 450 × 380
GTS-6404 4U 600 × 450

Server Cabinet Pictures:

Standard GTS-6406

Standard GTS-6415

Standard GTS-6406

Standard GTS-6415


Standard GTS-6415

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15U, Wall Cabinet

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